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Over the years we have tried to answer a LOT of questions.
Some good ones, some.......some are very hard to answer.   As we think of them, and as time allows, we'll put them on this page and try to answer them.      

2013: Marks the worst ammo and firearms shortage since we have been in business. 33 years and we have not seen anything like this. After the horrific school shooting in Ct. our politicians (with the help of the mass media) were quick to point the finger at law abiding gun owners. The daily barrage of "gun control" news spurred widespread panic buying. The manufacturers were taken by surprise and the pipeline from manufacturer to distributor to dealer quickly dried up. Not only are "assault" style rifles affected, almost all firearms and ammunition are in VERY sort supply. Every dealer in the country is experiencing the same thing. Empty shelves and no way to restock at the moment. Hopefully the situation will improve by mid summer. Nobody really knows at this point. If you have ever thought about selling or consigning your firearms now is the time to bring them in to our store. We have buyers ready to buy, and not much to sell. **********************************************************************************************************************************************************        

Ammunition shortage: Why is Ammo hard to find??? This question has replaced "what kind of dog is that?" in recent months.  The short answer is too good. Whatever your political views are, the  fact remains. The election of Obama has created fear that firearms and ammunition will become restricted further than they are now. True or not (and we believe it to be true) sales on self defense firearms and ammunition is thru the roof nationwide. The manufacturers have not been able to keep up with the demand. We are getting an "allowance" (so to speak) of firearms and ammo most every day from our distributors, and in order to try to be fair to our valued customers, we are limiting sales to try to make sure everyone looking for ammunition can get at least some.  We hope the situation improves in the near future. We apologize for any inconvenience.



Our number TWO "frequently asked question" in our store is
"What kind of Dog is THAT ?" 
Answer: We do not know. We have heard lots of possible
breeds that she might be related to. Etheopian camp hound,
Hyena, Dingo are a few. We suspect she is a mixed breed,
but she seems comfortable with "hybrid". If you have any
ideas, we'd love to hear them.    

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